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Yeah, People Spend Money on Bird Stuff

81million people
feed the birds and watch wildlife in their own backyards
spent annually on bird feeding and watching wildlife
spent annually on bird seed and wildlife food
Click here for more bird feeding hobby statistics.

People also spend:

  • $960 million annually on bird feeders, bird baths and nesting boxes
  • $1.8 billion annually on binoculars and spotting scopes

These statistics are according to the 2016 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife Associated Recreation, preliminary report. This survey is conducted every five years.

Each WBU store functions as a true community resource, providing valuable knowledge about the bird feeding hobby and an exceptional shopping experience. We’ll teach you how to help your customers turn their yards into a bird feeding habitat that not only brings song, color and life to their lives, but also benefits the wild birds and the environment.

We Support You… All the Way

2006-2018 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards

  • Rated #1 in Retail for Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Rated #2 Overall for Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Proven, 30+ year business model
  • Our pre-opening support covers business planning, site selection, lease negotiations, classroom and in-store training, store design and layout
  • Our on-going support includes marketing, merchandising and purchasing, store operations, nature and hobby education, financial and information systems
  • Strong customer loyalty by providing an exceptional customer experience and the highest quality bird food and bird feeding products in the industry
  • Many US and Canadian markets are still available for development

What We Ask of You to Join Our Flock:

Energy & Passion
for Retail and the Hobby of Bird Feeding
Minimum Net Worth
$40 to 50k
Liquid Capital
to Follow Our Proven Business Model
Strong Drive
for Excellence
and Community Minded

The franchise has given me the tools and knowledge to succeed in business. I have also developed wonderful friendships, both working and personal, within the franchise.

Ellen Davis
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Franklin, Massachusetts



I always know that I have a very strong support system behind me.

Jeanette McDaniel
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Kettering, Ohio

What I really like about the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise system is that it helps us be all we can be and reach our goals and achieve things that we couldn’t as an individual.

Don Wuest
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Victoria, British Columbia

The day we opened the store, we knew we’d done the right thing. We knew it and we have never looked back since.

David Covey
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Mesa, Arizona