Specialty Retail is Still Special

As big-box retailers and e-commerce platforms continue to become more dominant, there are new pressures on specialty retailers to remain relevant. Yet, as big-box retail and online shopping grows, so too does the gap in customer experience.

It is in this gap that Wild Birds Unlimited thrives. Where the bar for overall experience in retail environments is generally set very low, Wild Birds Unlimited’s consistent focus on high-touch service and a customer-centric store experience set it apart. With the strategic business plans and strong support systems in place to support this focus, Wild Birds Unlimited is able to keep the “special” in specialty retail.

Quality Products

Wild Birds Unlimited’s top-tier products developed by the experts ensure our customers are equipped with anything and everything they need to enjoy the birds in their own backyards. Our experienced product team created more than 30 innovative new products for our bird food lineup in 2018 and more than 20 new bird feeder products in 2019. We are always working to keep Wild Birds Unlimited’s extensive catalog fresh and special.

In-Store Education

Our franchisees and their staff are provided with the educational resources to become certified backyard bird feeding experts as well as the training to know how best to share their expertise with customers. Wild Birds Unlimited’s educational training helps each and every staff member deliver relevant information directly and with competence to connect with customers on a personal level.


Exceptional Customer Experience

A system-wide commitment to providing a superior customer experience is the thread that connects our entire Wild Birds Unlimited family. Our defined, 10-touchpoint customer experience training, high expectations at the store level, dedicated Wild Birds Unlimited team members and most importantly, franchisee execution helps set us apart from the competition and bring our customers joy each and every day.


Omni-Channel Shopping

Our online shopping platform, MyWBU Store, gives our retail customers the opportunity to buy the products they love online with the option of having them shipped directly to their door or making them available for pickup at their nearest Wild Birds Unlimited store. Connecting online sales to local stores through this e-commerce platform helps Wild Birds Unlimited elevate the traditional shopping experience even further by keeping up with the needs of our customers and in turn, setting our franchisees up for sustained success.

What’s It Like to Own a Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Store?

“I love my days.”
David Hurt
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Dallas, Texas

“I have a franchise that has my back”
Kathy and John Haigh
WBU Franchise Store Owners
Billings, MT

“The Support is Fantastic”
Richard Edie
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Cypress, TX

“The franchise really guides you”
Traci Kilman
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Conroe, TX

“Everyone’s so Happy”
Art and Lisa Martin
WBU Franchise Store Owners
Florence, SC