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Top Recession-Proof Franchise

In times of economic uncertainty, finding a resilient and recession-proof business opportunity can be challenging. However, Wild Birds Unlimited, a franchise dedicated to providing bird feeding supplies and nature-themed gifts, stands out as an exceptional example of a business that thrives even during tough economic periods. Here’s why Wild Birds Unlimited is considered a recession-proof […]

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Top Culture Franchise

In the modern business landscape, company culture has emerged as a cornerstone of success, driving not only employee satisfaction but also organizational performance. While financial stability and market strategy are undoubtedly critical, the underlying culture of a company can be the differentiator that propels it to new heights. Wild Birds Unlimited is proud to be […]

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New Owners of the Mobile, AL WBU Store

Congratulations to Trish & Brandon Lohman on the purchase of their 4th Wild Birds Unlimited store in Mobile, AL! Trish said, “We are so excited to be the new owners of Wild Birds Unlimited Mobile, AL. This is our fourth Wild Birds Unlimited and although we don’t live in Alabama we have family there and […]

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Plant Nursery Franchise vs. Wild Birds Unlimited: How They Compare

When considering a venture into the world of nature-based franchises, you may find yourself drawn to options like opening a plant nursery or partnering with a brand like Wild Birds Unlimited. Each option offers unique opportunities and challenges, and it’s crucial to weigh these carefully to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial […]

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The Key to Owning your Own Nature Business

As a District Manager for a natural pet food store, I’ve had the privilege of overseeing operations that emphasize high-quality products, community engagement, and exceptional customer experiences. These pillars are critical to the success of any specialty retail store, whether it’s a pet store or a nature store like Wild Birds Unlimited. Here’s a look […]

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Retail Franchises v. Service Franchises: Pros & Cons to Each

Embarking on a franchise venture offers a pathway to entrepreneurship backed by a proven business model, comprehensive training, and ongoing support. And it’s not just for fast food – retail franchises It has become such a popular avenue to business ownership that the International Franchise Association’s (IFA’s) economic outlook for 2024 shows burgeoning growth with […]

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Welcome to the Flock!

Congratulations to Jennifer and Thomas on the purchase of the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Southaven, MS! Jennifer said, “In March of 2023, my husband and I took this picture in front of Songbird Meadow at Epcot after a long day of riding rides and trying to keep up with our now 14 year old […]

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New WBU Store!

Our newest Wild Birds Unlimited location is now open in Macon, GA! This is the third WBU store for Susan and David Van Houten as they also own the WBU stores in Augusta and Athens, GA. Congratulations David & Susan! It is such a joy to see you grow with WBU!

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Pet Store Franchise: 4 Pros & Cons and What’s a Better Option

Owning a business that aligns with your passion not only fosters a sense of personal fulfillment and motivation but also naturally enhances your commitment and enthusiasm, which is crucial for achieving long-term success. If you have a passion for animals, the allure of pet store franchises might be particularly strong for you. This blog will […]

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The Finances of Franchising

Recently, here at the Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Development department when we got word that two of our newest WBU franchise store owners got their SBA-backed financing journey across the finish line and deposited their funds into their bank accounts. If you have ever heard about how challenging it can be to manage through obtaining […]

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