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Why a Wildlife Franchise Is a Wise Investment

The term wildlife encompasses a wide array of subjects. As humans we couldn’t live without wildlife because of all the elements they provide from an ecological, agricultural and economic stand point. Ecologically, wildlife maintains the balance of nature. Agriculturally, wildlife-friendly farming practices provide erosion-control as well as water and animal protection. And economically there are […]

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Welcome to the Flock!

Say hello to our newest Wild Birds Unlimited store owners, Sarah Smith and Corey Warren and also Sarah’s parents, Anna and Donald Smith!  They have just purchased the WBU store in Guelph, ON.  Sarah said, “We are overjoyed to join the Wild Birds Unlimited family! After working in the business for years, we are excited […]

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Pet Franchise: Pros & Cons of Owning a Pet Store (& What’s Better)

People love their pets. Whether we look to our furry friends for unconditional love or companionship, pet ownership is at an all-time high. That means pet franchise businesses are booming. Based on research from the American Pet Products Association, about 85% of American families own some sort of pet. In 2020, adoptions soared as people […]

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