Kelli Frame Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Kelli Frame Testimonial

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on screen then fades, then “The Best Part of Being a Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Store Owner” is on screen as jaunty music plays in background. “Kelli – Salt Lake City, UT” appears lower right on screen then fades, then various photos appear in the Franchise Support Center building.)

[Kelli:] The best thing about being in the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise is the franchise support. It is the support we get from the people in Carmel. They’re just, you know, whatever your question is, there’s somebody who can answer it and they’re happy to answer it and they’re happy to hear from you, and they remember your name. It’s just amazing.

The other thing I’ve come to learn about why it’s great to be Wild Birds Unlimited is that the brand means quality. I didn’t grow up around a Wild Birds Unlimited. I didn’t know that Wild Birds Unlimited meant quality, but in in the intervening years I’ve had so many people, even in Utah where I’m an island right, I’m the only one for 300 miles, people will come in and say, “Oh, I was looking for a Wild Birds Unlimited! Oh, I was hoping I could find one here!” So that’s really special.

Advice I would give store owners is: absolutely take the time to meet the owners in your area. Get to know the people at the Franchise Support Center. I mean, they’ll certainly make the effort, but you’ve got to make the effort back, and use them for what they’re good at and it’s worth the investment of your time. Follow the plan! You know, I talked to a few owners who say, “Oh, the franchise says this, but I’m not doing that.” I think, “Okay, well I am, because I’m not the expert and that’s what we’re paying for, right? We’re paying for expertise and I highly recommend following the system.

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears then fades.)