Giving Back – To Your Customers, Your Community and Nature

It is rare to find a business that both gives and gets simultaneously, yet, for Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees, it’s the norm.

Our community of store owners has an excellent reputation and a long history of giving back at the local level. This strong drive evident in every corner of our franchise system speaks to the character of those within it—specifically, their commitment to spreading joy and connecting people to the nature around them. 

Customer Giving

Providing educational programs, both in-store and elsewhere in their communities, helps Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees support customers with all of the information they need to become the experts of their own backyards. Supported by our Hobby and Nature Education Department, franchisees have ample resources to become the foremost authority on all things birding, helping to build a stronger, more educated community surrounding the hobby. By amplifying the excitement surrounding bird watching and feeding with education, customers often come into our stores for expert advice and to seek out the best hobby products.

Community Giving 

Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees excel at getting involved in their individual communities. Store owners support bird and other wildlife-oriented organizations by providing products and educational resources to these nature centers and other high-visibility community organizations, which not only establishes their Wild Birds Unlimited store as the premier spot for backyard bird feeding products, but also builds brand recognition and generates increased traffic.


Nature Giving

The area where Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees make perhaps their biggest impact is in their local nature giving efforts. Helping a greater number birds gain access to more food, water, shelter and a place to raise their young is a tangible and significant way to make a positive impact on nature in general. This accomplishment lies at the heart of everything Wild Birds Unlimited does, and what could be better than that?


Friend to the Environment Award

Each year, Wild Birds Unlimited bestows a huge honor upon a store owner who goes above and beyond in their efforts to give back. Recipients of Wild Birds Unlimited’s annual Friend to the Environment Award are recognized for embodying the brand’s mission to bring people and nature together on the local level. Learn more about this year’s winner, Barbara Haralson, here.


What’s It Like to Own a Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Store?

“I love my days.”

David Hurt
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Dallas, Texas

“I have a franchise that has my back”

Kathy and John Haigh
WBU Franchise Store Owners
Billings, MT

“The Support is Fantastic”

Richard Edie
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Cypress, TX

“The franchise really guides you”

Traci Kilman
WBU Franchise Store Owner
Conroe, TX

“Everyone’s so Happy”

Art and Lisa Martin
WBU Franchise Store Owners
Florence, SC