Brandon & Trish Lohman Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Brandon & Trish Lohman

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears on screen, fades, then “Wild Birds Unlimited – It’s family.” appears then fades. “Brandon and Trish, Virginia” at lower left screen then Brandon and Trish appear at a trade show in background.)

[Trish to Brandon:] What’s your favorite part of owning three Wild Birds Unlimited stores?

[Brandon:] To me, there’s a lot of different franchises we could have gone with. This is definitely right for us, because it’s become a family to us. A lot of the other owners, a lot of the support have become great friends; become family to us and I can honestly say there’s no other…yeah, there’s no other franchise I would rather be a part of.

[Trish:] Yeah, and so you get the joy of helping the customers every day. Even though I’m in the back office, I take time get out there and then I know I can make a phone call and have somebody have my back, you know? No matter where I go, no matter what I do, and so I love it.

Oh I think coming to the ELC definitely reaffirms our choice to go with the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise, because when you come here, you see the love, you see the care, you see the support, you see the friendships, you see the products. You see everything and you get educated on things you may think you know, but there’s more to know. There’s always more to learn, more to know and you get that here. You really do.

[Brandon:] Yep, the other thing too is the vendors themselves, the vendors themselves are invested in Wild Birds Unlimited. You can see that with them because you know, you see the passion that they have for Wild Birds Unlimited.

[Trish:] Yeah, and it makes us be loyal to them because they’re loyal to us and to our brand. I like that.

[Brandon:] It’s not just a franchise. To me, it’s family.

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears and music fades.)