We all love music and value its positive impact on our lives, but it may not be quite as in tune as an investment opportunity. If you love the arts and have considered making a career in music, you may hit a wrong chord when considering being part of a music store franchise. Learn more about what options may be more in tune with your financial goals.

Music Store Franchises May Not Be Up to Scale

Consider that there are basically two types of music stores. One that sells instruments maybe even old vinyl albums, cassettes, or CD’s. The other option is music store franchise opportunities that have participants enjoy music through play, or instruction. Here’s where you could hit a sour note. While there are a handful of music store franchises, there are only a few that are showing growth.

Keeping Tempo in the Marketplace

Competition continues to increase in the music store franchise sector. Instruction that may have been only previously available through lessons from the local music store or center is expanding to other channels. For example, when it comes to musical play, children are often getting programs through preschools or daycare, which means parents may not have to seek out specific enhancement opportunities. Instruction like learning to play guitar or piano can be done with online guidance or private teachers.

Concerning purchasing musical instruments, the burgeoning online ecommerce platform allows shoppers to receive just the instrument they are looking for, shipped right to their door, with tuning and repair taken care of with a private luthier. Similarly, people mainly purchase the music they listen to online now.

That’s not to say being part of a franchise could not be profitable. To do well, you would have to ensure you have an audience for your business, to provide the necessary foot traffic to keep your income in harmony. This is a very specialized field and demand for your services could be spotty. Understanding your audience like where your potential customers will come from, their buying habits, competition, profit potential and best location, will help you better analyze your risk-reward.

In Symphony with Wild Birds Unlimited

There are some other great franchise options out there that may be more in tempo with what you’re looking for. Wild Birds Unlimited, for example, is a leading outdoor wildlife franchise dedicated to meeting the growing consumer wildlife hobbyist demand. If it’s the richness of music you desire, there is arguably no better melody than that of a nightingale sing with its trills and whistles—it is one of the most beautiful sounds that evokes emotion when you hear it.

It’s this knowledge about birds and their habits that makes Wild Birds Unlimited franchise owners a true neighborhood resource in their communities and why customers have come to depend on our experience and high standards in the backyard bird feeding market.

Part of your franchisee training with Wild Birds Unlimited includes learning how to help customers transform their yards into a bird feeding habitat that not only brings song, color, and energy to their lives, but also one that benefits the visiting wild birds and the overall ecosystem.

We are leaders in the franchise industry, providing an effective model for our franchise owners for more than 40 years, allowing us to grow to more than 350 locations in North America.

The next location we open could be yours.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, $960 Million is spent annually on bird feeders, bird baths, and nesting boxes. This is your chance to be part of a lucrative field in a recession resistant industry with the backing and support of a franchise brand dedicated to your success. As an entrepreneur, you can fulfill your dream of business ownership in a larger niche industry than music—in a franchise showing strong long-term growth and profit potential.

If you are ready to learn more about joining our flock, get started today.