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If you’re a military veteran, first, thank you for your invaluable contribution to our country. If you’re either looking for a new career or embarking on civilian life and looking at business opportunities, franchising is a great way to go.

Franchising Provides Ownership Opportunities

Franchising gives you the ability to become a business owner without the heavy lifting of an independent startup. As a franchisee, your franchise fee opens the door to a ready-made business with an established and proven model, reducing some of the risks that come from starting from scratch.

Additionally, you benefit from brand recognition. Consumers are often more likely to trust and choose a brand they know, which can lead to higher customer traffic and sales. Plus, you don’t always need industry experience, since the franchisor trains you to help open your business and provides ongoing support to ensure your success.

Financial Strength in Franchising

More and more entrepreneurs like you are seeing the value in franchising as an industry. Which is why there’s year-over-year growth. According to the International Franchise Association’s economic outlook for 2023, it’s expected that 15,000 more franchise units will open this year in the U.S., adding more than 250,000 jobs. One of those could be you.

How to Find Veteran-Friendly Franchises

How do you determine the best franchises for veterans? VetFran is a strategic initiative of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the IFA Foundation. They are a matchmaker of sorts. They provide educational opportunities for veterans like you about franchise ownership—then they cultivate an understanding with franchisors about the benefits of collaborating with military veterans.

VetFran says right now about 7% of the population are military veterans; of those, 14% are franchisees. The military training and discipline you’ve had makes you an appealing franchise candidate. Not only do most military veterans understand a strong work ethic, but they possess leadership skills, understand the need to follow rules and systems and value teamwork.

If you’re in search of the best franchises for veterans, VetFran has a directory of about 650 franchises that understand the value of having franchise owners who served in the U.S. military. Wild Birds Unlimited is a huge supporter of veterans, and we are proud members of VetFran. We are a leading wildlife retail franchise, in business for more than 40 years with 350 franchise locations throughout North America.

We want to support you and actively seek veterans who are launching a new career. Because of our commitment to this initiative, we have won numerous awards, including our recent inclusion among Entrepreneur’s Top Franchises for Veterans. Being one of the best franchises for veterans is part of our core values as a brand.

Like many other franchises, we provide discount incentives to encourage you to look at the strength of our brand. We offer 15% off our franchise fee for veterans.

What Makes Us One of the Best Franchises for Veterans?

We recognize that veterans make great franchise owners. But beyond our awards and the financial incentives, we want you to be comfortable with Wild Birds Unlimited and the promising future we can provide to you as a franchise owner. A few more reasons to consider:

  • Benefit from our expertise. Wild Birds Unlimited has been in operation since 1981 and has a proven franchise model. This means that veterans can benefit from an established system that provides support, training, and ongoing assistance in running a successful business. For veterans transitioning into civilian life, having a well-defined structure can help ease the process of starting a new career.
  • Be part of a team. We foster a sense of community among franchisees and customers. For veterans who appreciate camaraderie and teamwork, this is an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for birds and nature. The sense of belonging to a supportive community can be valuable for veterans transitioning back to civilian life.
  • For the love of outdoors. Many veterans have a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife due to their experiences in the outdoors. Wild Birds Unlimited specializes in products and services related to birdwatching and bird feeding, which aligns well with the interests of lifelong nature-lovers as well as veterans who developed a love for nature during their service.
  • Work-life balance. Running a Wild Birds Unlimited franchise gives you the flexibility to manage your schedule the way you see fit. This can be beneficial for veterans who may be seeking a better work-life balance or require a more flexible work environment. The franchise model provides the opportunity to be your own boss while still benefiting from the support and resources of an established brand.
  • Recession-resistance. The birdwatching and bird feeding industry has a dedicated customer base that continues to grow. As people become more interested in nature and wildlife, the demand for our products and services is increasing. Our retail franchise model is recession-resistant because, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the industry continues to thrive regardless of economic pressures. An estimated 81 million people participate in feeding birds and other wildlife annually.

Come Fly with Us

If you’d enjoy serving your community as a go-to expert on bird watching and supplies and see the value in our ownership opportunity, we’d love to talk to you about joining our flock.