In the market for a Bass Pro Shops franchise? Can’t blame you. From a business perspective it’s a highly recognizable retail brand catering to outdoor enthusiasts. Their stores specialize in fishing, camping, hunting, and boating, selling everything from clothing and shoes to outdoor gear and equipment. They have an inviting store layout while also giving shoppers the option to purchase online.

However, the Bass Pro Shops franchise opportunity you’re looking for doesn’t exist. Bass Pro Shops is a privately owned company with no stock options or franchise ownership available. Back in 2017, Bass Pro Shops purchased Cabela’s, another outdoor recreation company. It’s operated as a subsidiary.

Another Outdoor Franchise to Consider

So, what now?

Fear not—Bass Pro Shops isn’t the only game in town. Across the world, people love to get outside, not just for sports and recreation, but simply to enjoy nature. There are so many benefits being outdoors including improving your health. Researchers from Arizona State University have found that being outside in nature for even just 20 minutes a day can significantly lower your stress hormone levels.

A research social scientist with the USDA Forest Service’s Northern Research Station did a study showing that enjoying the outdoors and observing nature can reduce muscle tension and lower heart rate to aid in cardiovascular health. Similarly, being outside in green spaces like grass, trees and forests can lower risks of depression.

Lots of folks head outdoors for the health benefits, the fresh air, and to enjoy hobbies like birding. People all over the world like to observe nature. Finding beautiful birds whether in the woods or one’s own backyard has become a popular pastime. Capitalizing on those interests is a good business move.

Bringing People and Nature Together

Wild Birds Unlimited is a leader in the backyard bird feeding market. We’ve been outfitting nature hobbyists for more than 40 years by providing bird houses, plus the seed and gear needed to care for and observe birds in their natural habitat. As a franchise owner with Wild Birds Unlimited you have an even more immersive business opportunity than you would with Bass Pro Shops. You cater to customers who love to be outdoors enjoying wildlife and you become the community expert on birds, giving sound advice about the equipment and foods needed to attract or observe birds of all feathers.

For example, did you know cardinals will come to feeders at any time of the day but prefer dusk and dawn? Did you know that distinct bird seed formulas like our Choice Blends are great at attracting chickadees, woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches, and jays? That’s the kind of stuff you’ll learn from us and pass along to your customers. Having this knowledge helps build that community which in turn, helps grow your business.

Wild Birds Unlimited gives you the opportunity to have a career that’s filled with joy, relates to the great outdoors, and focuses on serving customers (and birds!) As a franchise owner, you benefit from our brand recognition as a well-known and respected business, with more than 350 locations throughout North America. This is a niche industry that has growing appeal as the number of bird enthusiasts increases. Combining a love of nature with serving your customers is an ideal way to satisfy your dreams of business ownership.

Ready to come fly with us? Inquire today by filling out and submitting our application form and a member of our flock will be in touch.