Judy Stoops Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Judy Stoops Testimonial

(Description: “Judy Stoops – Suwanne & Flowery Branch, GA” appears lower left screen with Wild Birds Unlimited logo.)

[Judy:] My name is Judy Stoops. My husband and I own the Suwanee, Georgia store.

We’re getting ready to open up a second store in Flowery Branch, Georgia. We bought an existing store that was five years old and we’ve been going strong ever since. We enjoy having a franchise behind us with all the options that that we have. Jim and I didn’t have any kind of retail experience when we bought our store, so having the franchise there, they’ve held our hands all the way. They are more than willing to be forthcoming with their knowledge and if they don’t know it, they’re going to find somebody who who can find it for you with that knowledge.