David Hurt Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: David Hurt Testimonial

(Description: “David Hurt – Dallas, TX” with Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears in lower left of screen.)

[David:] What do I like, or what do I do in a typical day? Well, I think what I like so much about Wild Birds Unlimited is there isn’t a typical day for me. There’s a lot of variety in my day. Some days it’s marketing plans. Some days it’s seed orders and training. Some days it’s just working the sales floor, which is my favorite thing to do. I’ve actually, in my store, delegated all of the other stuff and I really just enjoy working with customers. That’s my favorite part of the day. It’s what I seem to live for. I don’t do as well in the day-to-day stuff of the back room and the the management, so I’ve delegated those things, for the most part, and I spend my time with the customers and I spend my time on some of the newer things, the strategic things as an owner.

I like that aspect of the business and I still do. After 22 years, that still excites me; the stuff that is coming down the pipeline. The changes in retail strategy over 22 years are enormous. You just can’t believe where we started.

So I have people who can handle a lot of things. We all work together.

Franchise Support Center is incredible now. They always have wanted to help us but today in particular or this time in particular they are really our partners in the business. They take…they make every effort to make our lives better, like we make every effort to make our customers’ lives better, so I love my days.

I even get to go workout every morning before work. I’m home if I need to be to relieve my wife from picking up kids at school or anything like that. I have that much flexibility in my day. I have a great staff. They know their expectations. We have systems in place so my day is a good day, every day.