Valerie Sinex Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Valerie Sinex Testimonial

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo and “The Joy Business” appears on screen then fades. Next we see Valerie on screen and “Valerie Sinex – Yorba Linda, CA” on the lower left of the screen then fades.)

[Valerie:] On the occasions when I get to carry out seed or products, you know, to a customer’s car, I love it when they say, I mean it touches my heart when they say, “I love your store. I love this store. I love your staff. I love your products. I love the birds.” It just makes me so happy. I just feel like I wouldn’t want to be in any other business. I want to be in this business. I want to be in the joy business! That’s what it means to be a Wild Birds Unlimited owner.