The term wildlife encompasses a wide array of subjects. As humans we couldn’t live without wildlife because of all the elements they provide from an ecological, agricultural and economic stand point. Ecologically, wildlife maintains the balance of nature. Agriculturally, wildlife-friendly farming practices provide erosion-control as well as water and animal protection. And economically there are benefits in any number of career and hobby specialties from eco-tourism, and conservationism to fishing and zoo-keeping.

The U.S. Department of the Interior reports that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a study which shows that 101.6 million Americans — 40 percent of the U.S. population 16 years old and older — participate in wildlife-related activities like hunting, fishing, and wildlife-watching. With regard to business, there are many options to choose from to support nature and wildlife that could create a lucrative investment opportunity for you.

Perhaps one of the best business ownerships to consider is a wildlife franchise. The selection of franchise opportunities involving nature and wildlife runs the gamut.  Your love of animals or nature can become a great career by investing in a pet franchise or other wildlife-focused franchises.

A Wise Investment

Keep in mind, many entrepreneurs are much more comfortable investing in a franchise because of the offerings. For a fee you have the opportunity to own a business that provides you with a proven business model, a tested system of operations, the expertise of franchise industry specialists who will train you as a franchisee and deliver on-going support. You can gain a head start with a solid customer base by investing in a recognized brand. While there is always risk in any business venture, franchising provides a safety cushion by giving you the opportunity to follow a blueprint that many other franchisees are using. You gain the added boost of a quicker ramp up process which could mean the potential for profit to come more expeditiously, too.

When choosing a wildlife franchise, find something you love and do the research. When doing your homework, look for a few key elements. First, you want to choose a franchise that aligns with your wheelhouse. Also look for something you care about deeply.  And finally, make sure its affordable for you and well within your budget. Once you find that, ask questions to both the franchisor and other franchisees who serve as a great source of information about the brand.

There are any number of franchise opportunities like animal hobbies, and pet services including food, supplies, boarding, grooming and training as well as wildlife control services.

Wild Birds Unlimited: A Wildlife Franchise You’ll Love

But if you are looking for one of the top performing wildlife franchises, look no further than Wild Birds Unlimited. We are a leading retail franchise for wild bird feeding, supporting a growing hobby with more than 81 million people participating in feeding birds and other wildlife. Every year, people spend about $960 million on bird feeders, bird baths, and nesting boxes, which is why Wild Birds Unlimited has grown to more than 350 locations throughout North America.

We provide our franchisees with many advantages like our brand name recognition. Wild Birds Unlimited has worked hard to gain a great reputation through our high standards of quality products and services that our customers have come to rely on. As an owner, you are joining a community of other like-minded franchisees who are there to help collaborate, share ideas and best practices, and be a support network for you along the way.

As a franchisee, your investment begins with a $40,000 franchise fee that covers pre-opening support like business planning, site selection, lease negotiations, classroom and in-store training, store design and layout. Our on-going support includes marketing, merchandising and purchasing, store operations, nature and hobby education, financial and information systems.

We are dedicated to help franchisees grow and succeed. We are very financially transparent and want potential franchisees to understand the money-making possibilities available. For example, the 2020 average gross sales for our top half of stores, that were open for at least a full year is $942,543. For many of our franchisees this is a great return on their investment coupled with the joy of doing something they love.

After 40 years in business, we have become a trusted name and built many long-term partnerships with organizations that support our core mission of bringing people and nature together. These partnerships create valuable opportunities for customers and staff alike to learn more about wild birds and to actively participate in conservation efforts and citizen-science projects. This enhances the commitment we’ve made to connect people and wildlife.

If you are ready to come fly with us by combining your business skills with your love of wildlife, let’s get started. Fill out our online application to start the process.