Do you ever have those days at work when you just have to step outside and clear your head? That fresh air always seems to do us good. Just to escape the office– being outdoors is rejuvenating. So, imagine making a living enjoying the great outdoors. There are many outdoor franchise options to consider if you are looking to invest in a proven business.

Partnering with a franchise brand gives you a sense of independence as a business owner while providing a tested business model, training, support, assistance, brand recognition and guidance to give you the best chance for success.

When you combine the aspiration to build a business tied to the great outdoors with the strength of a franchise model, it’s a win-win.

Benefits of Being Outdoors

Your desire to take business outside is shared by many. Based on a study done by L.L. Bean, the majority of Americans prefer the outdoors but are stuck with inside jobs. This preference has some advantages, including being good for your overall health. Research shows a strong mind-body effect when being outdoors. Nature can help with what ails you. Simply surrounding yourself in nature, like going to a park can boost wellness. Imagine having the opportunity to be outside for work, most of your day.

Perhaps the dominant reason people head outside is the happiness factor. Nature is one of the best remedies for stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. It seems to clear our heads just stepping outside. Plus, the open-air can boost your creativity.  But there are a number of other health benefits gained from being alfresco.

Although not every day is sunny, sunshine can elevate your vitamin D levels, when you safely soak up the sun. Sunlight is also scientifically linked to lowering your blood pressure as the nitric acid in your skin reacts to sunshine by widening your blood vessels and allowing oxide to move through your bloodstream.

Spending time in green spaces can even assist with inflammatory issues. Inflammation and swelling is associated with health matters ranging from autoimmune disorders to depression and cancer.  Simply going outside can be helpful.

One of the best derivatives of being outdoors is improved sleep.  Experts say increasing the amount of time you are outside can improve your “sleep-wake” cycle or circadian rhythm.

Better sleep often means better health, but so does going outside. Spending time in nature goes hand in hand with improved health when it comes to anything from diabetes to cancer. Being in the woods is beneficial for the immune system, as well, because plants produce phytoncides which help with fighting infection.

Any time outside is valuable for overall health and well-being, so why not create a career centered on not being cooped up inside? Consider this list of nine outdoor franchises.

Nine Outdoor Franchise Opportunities

Food Truck – There’s nothing like the satisfaction of business ownership and making people’s day by providing a tasty meal. A franchise like this allows you to be outside, park at festivals, or parking lots to bring treats to your customers.

Landscaping lawn care/ tree services/decking lighting – beautifying outdoor spaces can be achieved by having a franchise that specializes in treating or maintaining lawns.

Pool services – dive into a franchise that sells, builds, and maintains swimming pools and spas. Franchisees have the satisfaction of knowing their clients will enjoy a backyard pool all summer long.

There are a number of athletic franchises that combine the outdoors with character building and fun sports for children.

Camping is a favorite for those with travel trailers, RV’s or want a small cabin rental. These business concepts can provide great outdoor family fun in a natural setting.

Vacation options are popular franchises. There’s great satisfaction in knowing you planned a great vacation getaway for families, couples or individuals who want to enjoy being out on the ocean.

Nothing like helping your clients beautify their home inside and outside with a home improvement franchise. You and your staff enjoy the outdoors while updating the look of your clients’ residence.

But perhaps the most rewarding outdoor franchise is Wild Birds Unlimited, designed to enhance the hobby of backyard bird watching and feeding.

Come Fly With WBU!

We are a leading retail franchise with more than 350 locations throughout North America providing joy to our owners as they help their customers delight in being outside, observing and feeding birds in their natural habitat. Our stores are equipped with all the supplies our patrons need to develop their birding hobby–from bird feed and nesting boxes to bird houses, feeders and binoculars.

As the number of outdoor enthusiasts continues to grow, so does Wild Birds Unlimited. If you want to be part of a lucrative outdoor franchise providing brand recognition, training and on-going support with a community of like-minded franchisees, come fly with us. Get started by filling out the form on our website.