Ornithology, the study of birds, is a field rife with opportunities. Whether you’ve been an avid birdwatcher, researcher, or someone who has delved into the depths of bird behavior, biology, and conservation, you possess knowledge that’s both specialized and valuable. If you have a background in ornithology and are looking to diversify your career or explore entrepreneurial avenues, there are some exciting paths to consider.

Expanding Your Ornithology Career

Ornithologists can wear many hats, ranging from ecologist and geneticist to wildlife biologist, land manager, and educator. Your expertise can place you in any number of different roles, with employment opportunities that run the gamut from working with government agencies to exercising your entrepreneurial spirit. Some folks in ornithology focus solely on birding, while others take a more generalized approach.

If you have a background in ornithology but are looking to expand your career options, we’ve compiled a list of some rewarding jobs to consider.

  1. Wildlife tourism and guided bird tours: Your expertise in ornithology can be a major asset in the world of wildlife tourism. As more people seek authentic, nature-rich experiences, your knowledge can guide them through the nuances of birdwatching. Whether you’re pointing out the delicate differences between similar species or narrating the fascinating migratory patterns of a particular bird, your insights can elevate the experience for tourists and enthusiasts alike. This is a position that requires genuine expertise in this field, indicating a strong market demand.
  2. Writing and illustrating bird guides: Consider transforming your knowledge into a tangible resource. Many bird enthusiasts constantly search for comprehensive, easy-to-understand guides to aid in their hobby. With your background, you can author books or articles detailing different bird species, their behaviors, habitats, and more. Additionally, if you possess artistic skills, illustrations can make your guides even more appealing.
  3. Conservation initiatives and non-profits: Another ornithology job to examine uses your deep understanding of birds as a force for good. Many non-profit organizations and conservation initiatives seek experts who can contribute to their mission of preserving avian habitats and species. Careers in this space often merge fieldwork with policy-making, allowing you to have a direct impact on the well-being of bird populations.
  4. Avian veterinary technician: As part of a veterinary care team, your primary focus is on birds ranging from parrots and songbirds to raptors and waterfowl. You assist veterinarians in diagnosing and treating a variety of ailments in birds. Responsibilities often include handling and restraining birds during examinations, collecting samples for testing, administering medications, monitoring anesthesia, assisting with surgeries, and taking radiographs. Leveraging your background, this is an ornithology job that provides specialized care to birds.
  5. Owning a Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise: Arguably one of the most enticing options, especially if you have an entrepreneurial itch, is becoming a franchisee of Wild Birds Unlimited. We are a hub for bird enthusiasts, offering high-quality bird feeding and nature products.

An Ornithology Job in Franchising

By diving into the franchise world, partnering with Wild Birds Unlimited, you can blend your passion with profit. The beauty of this franchise model is its alignment with your background. Every product and service you offer at your Wild Birds Unlimited franchise is rooted in the love and understanding of birds. Your ornithology background ensures you offer authentic advice to customers, from recommending the perfect bird feeder to suggesting the ideal seed blend for a specific bird species.

This venture has the potential to provide you with better income opportunities compared to what you may be making in your current ornithology job. As a franchise owner, you have the opportunity to scale your business for consistent, long-term growth. Our 40-year track record offers a proven blueprint for success in a niche industry, backed by a tried-and-true business model. We focus on fostering a community of bird lovers, ensuring repeat business and serving a dedicated customer base. With the right strategies and leveraging your ornithology expertise, the sky is truly the limit for your earnings.

Joining Our Flock

Your ornithology background is a treasure trove of opportunities. While traditional ornithology jobs offer their own rewards, considering entrepreneurial ventures like franchising with Wild Birds Unlimited can lead to fulfilling and potentially more profitable outcomes. Consider the benefits of franchise ownership with Wild Birds Unlimited:

  • Leveraging your expertise for profit: Your ornithology background becomes your unique selling proposition. Customers value and trust authentic expertise. When they step into your Wild Birds Unlimited store and get advice rooted in deep knowledge, not only are they more likely to make a purchase, but they’re also likely to become loyal patrons.
  • Supportive franchise model: Going into business for yourself doesn’t mean going into business by yourself. Our franchise model is structured to offer franchisees ample support. From training to marketing, the tools and resources available to you will put you on the right track from Day One.
  • Growing nature-based business trend: There’s a rising trend of consumers seeking nature-based products and experiences. By offering high-quality products and leveraging your ornithology background, you position yourself at the forefront of this trend.
  • Community engagement: Wild Birds Unlimited isn’t just about selling products; it’s about fostering a community. Hosting workshops, bird-watching tours, or informational sessions can not only boost business but also satisfy your inclination to educate and share your passion.

As you chart your path forward, remember that your unique blend of passion and knowledge aligns with what we’re looking for in our franchise owners at Wild Birds Unlimited. If you’re interested in learning more about an exciting new opportunity, inquire today and we’ll be in touch.