The entire Wild Birds Unlimited family is very excited to welcome four new store owners to our Flock!  Kimberly and Steve Ormonde have just purchased the Hanover, MA Wild Birds Unlimited store.  The Hanover, MA store first opened in 1989 and was most recently owned by Steve and Pam French.  Kimberly said, “While owning a business wasn’t high on my list of goals at any point of my life, the opportunity to own & run my favorite store was a completely different story. Bird feeding and watching has been the top hobby of mine since I was a toddler and the opportunity to bring that joy to others on a daily basis is simply put ‘the perfect fit’ for me. As I look back, “8-year old Kim” would never have dreamed of where I am today and I couldn’t be any happier!”

In addition, the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Cuyahoga Falls, OH has new store owners, Ben and Dawn Ihde.  The Cuyahoga Falls, OH store was opened in 2005 by previous owners, Chris and Wanda Stranahan.  Ben said, “Dawn and I sold our family business two years ago and have been just kind of looking around. We worked for some friends and even the folks who bought our company, but it just wasn’t for us. We were customers of WBU and found the store always filled with friendly faces and fun interactions, so once we found out there was a franchise available we jumped on it. We’re very excited to join the flock!! The interactions with staff, WBU folks, and customers has been nothing but positive. There has been a lot of work and new challenges but we’re knocking those down and looking forward to positivity affecting our community, customers, and staff, as well as contributing to the hobby of backyard bird feeding.”

Congratulations to both Kimberly and Steve Ormonde and Ben and Dawn Ihde!  We warmly welcome them and thank them for helping fulfill the Wild Birds Unlimited mission of sharing the joy of bird feeding and bringing people and nature together!