There are appealing franchise opportunities in New York due to the diverse nature of the state, unique customer base and strong economy. Geographically, there are two areas that are advantageous for entrepreneurs wanting to open a business—for different reasons.

Western Long Island

Long Island’s western areas include the New York City harbor and four counties including Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. It’s an interesting space because to the eastern edge of this region is heavily residential as people spread from the heart of New York City. But as you head east toward the Atlantic Ocean, the area is less densely populated, and you’ll see flatter farmland giving way to the coast and the infamous Hamptons.


Due north about 150 miles from New York City is the second area worth looking at—Albany. This city was settled 400 years, is the capital of New York state and is on the banks of the Hudson River. It is an area of economic growth with many people being drawn in thanks to a flourishing tech industry.

An Economic Look at New York

Both areas do well economically with residents who generally have a good disposable income, and tourists who contribute well to the local economies. New York welcomes more than 60 million visitors annually. That makes it very appealing for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, there are 2.3 million small businesses in New York State employing over 4 million people. Their report goes on to say that small businesses comprise nearly 99% of all businesses in the state. New York also has the highest GDP per capita in the U.S. Among the strongest industries are finance, healthcare, education and retail.

As strong as New York appears overall economically, we want to hone in on franchise opportunities in New York specifically in both Albany and western Long Island.

The Strength of Franchising

Franchising is an opportunity for you to enjoy being a business owner without the added stress of starting a business from scratch. You pay an initial franchise fee which unlocks the door to a turnkey operation. You benefit from utilizing a business model that is proven in the marketplace and built to scale. You can take advantage of a training program designed to help you open and grow your business with the assistance of franchise specialists who share their expertise because they are dedicated to your success. Throughout your contract with a franchise brand, you have on-going support from this team of experts who can help you with the day-to-day challenges of operating a business. You also gain a customer base right out of the gate thanks to a brand marketing plan that can be localized for your unit.

Franchising in New York State

Certainly, there are ample franchise opportunities in New York state if you are looking to spread your wings. The most important aspect of ownership to remember is ensure that you can afford the investment and let your new venture align with not only your business goals but your lifestyle as well. There are many competitive industries available, but there is also profit potential in niche industries that are recession resistant.

Take Flight with Wild Birds Unlimited

That’s who we are at Wild Birds Unlimited. Whether you are looking in the Albany area or perhaps for a Long Island franchise, we are a leading wildlife and retail franchise built around the growing hobby of backyard bird feeding and watching. And there is plenty of that in New York state. The state bird is the Eastern Bluebird, a gorgeous medium-sized warbler found everywhere from Niagara Falls to Manhattan. Sialia sialis as this bluebird is termed is one of more than 240 species of feathered friends that breed within the state, with as many as 450 other different species that hang out in the Empire State.

As a franchise owner with Wild Birds Unlimited, you become a community expert about bird watching and feeding as people, both residents and tourists, will flock to your business thanks to our high standards and brand recognition.

There are three categories that exemplify how strong this business opportunity is:

  1. New York State—especially in western Long Island and Albany—is economically strong.
  2. Franchising is an attractive model for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy ownership without the stress of a start from scratch business.
  3. Wild Birds Unlimited continues to grow with over 350 locations in North America.

The wild bird feeding industry is equally strong with stats showing 81 million people are now feeding birds and watching wildlife in their own backyards or beautiful parks and wooded areas, and $5 billion is being spent annually on bird seed and wildlife food.

If you are ready to join our flock and learn more about this exciting opportunity in parts of New York state, inquire today by clicking the red button at the top of this page. We’re excited to get the conversation started.