A very big congratulations to our Franchise Business Review Franchisee Rock Star award winners, Kevin and Linda Pillow from Kerrville, TX!  When Kevin and Linda Pillow purchased their Kerrville, TX store in 2007, they saw the potential in the WBU business and their ability to grow the business by getting involved in their local community.  They saw the advantage to the business but were motivated for selfless reasons, to provide their community with the benefits and joy associated with engaging with birds and nature.
The Pillows expanded their retail space to create a fully staffed local nature center to provide meeting space and education resources, free of charge, to their community.  They give no less than dozens of community educational seminars on birds, bird feeding and nature in their community.
Linda writes a monthly column about birds and nature for the local newspaper, providing nature news.
Kevin and Linda have planted a pollinator garden in the front of their strip center, providing an oasis in the middle of what is typically a concrete jungle and use this garden as a launching spot for local Monarch Butterfly releases.  Additionally, they have used the garden to educate their community on how to propagate milkweed plants.
They have empowered their staff to promote the value of nature-engagement- paying their staff to give bird walks for the community, free of charge.
In general, Kevin and Linda have used their Wild Birds Unlimited store as place to develop a community of sharing, education and engagement with birds and nature.  Providing great benefit to their customer base and the Kerrville, TX community in general.