This week we met with our Wild Birds Unlimited Franchise Advisory Council, in person!  This is the first in person FAC meeting that we have had since the pandemic and WOW how wonderful it is!  Our Franchise Advisory Council is a combination of all of our Franchise Support Center staff and a talented group of our Wild Birds Unlimited store owners.  Each and every fall, we meet to review where we have been and where we need to be going.  These meetings are so helpful and important to our continued growth as a brand.  Owner of the WBU store in Oakdale, NY Brooke Ramirez said, “As a first time member on the Franchise Advisory Council (FAC) within the Wild Birds Unlimited franchise, it has been great working with the other owners and executives within the system to share feedback and insights to forge the path ahead together.”   This week has been full of lots of brain storming, collaboration, and team work to help make Wild Birds Unlimited the best franchise!