The definition of retirement has changed over the years. It was once thought to be a time when you stop working a traditional job schedule, maybe you receive a gold watch for years of service to the company and perhaps engage in a fun hobby. But now, there are other options. You can enjoy career 2.0 better known as your encore career.

Take A Bow-It’s Your Encore Career

An encore career is your second career. Many regard it as the opportunity to enjoy going to work without the pressures of climbing the corporate ladder or paying the bills. It’s less about earning a paycheck and more about doing something you love, which just happens to produce an income. That take-home pay usually complements your retirement benefits, or it means your nest egg can stay put while you continue bringing in active income.

The term itself originates from an entrepreneur named Marc Freedman who wrote the 2007 book, Encore: Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life. Since then, the concept has really gained popularity. Based on research published by Met Life Foundation/Civic Ventures Report, as many as 9 million people between ages 44 and 70 are already in second careers that according to the report, fulfill purpose, passion and a paycheck.  As many as 31 million more folks have their sights set on the prospect.

Choosing Your Best Second Career

These second careers are perfect for people who really like working. They enjoy staying active by challenging their minds and having a social outlet, it gives them a sense of purpose that they may not get from traditional retirement. If that sounds like you, there are many options to choose from.

Your new career is meant to provide the something that was missing in the first career, there is a natural appeal to choosing something purposeful and impactful that you are passionate about. Experts say that may fall into “service” careers as in the case of non-profit, government, education, or environmental vocations.

Trying to figure out how to choose? Try this:

  • Make a list. Discern what you truly love to do or what you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Include what you do NOT want to do. Avoid what doesn’t create joy.
  • Examine your hobbies, pastimes, or volunteer opportunities that are career worthy.
  • List your skills.
  • Talk to people who know you best, maybe they have ideas that didn’t occur to you.
  • Rank the list.

After completing the list, what you have before you is a good idea of the direction you can take, as you begin your next career.

What to Look For

The best advice is to find something that gets you up in the morning. Something that you will be excited to do every day.  Keep in mind, there may be some options on your list that will require additional training, certifications, or skills. Which means, this new career will not get off the ground right away. Find out what classes you may need to get up to speed. Remember, you can be cost-effective with this and look for free classes or continuing education at local community colleges or online. Being part of a classroom setting introduces you to like-minded people who you can connect with. Networking can provide great advantages getting your new career off the ground.

Benefits of Your Second Career

This is your opportunity to do what you’ve always wanted but may not have had the freedom to do because you were on a successful career path and couldn’t switch previously for fear of losing income. Now, you can have the purposeful life you’ve longed for by dedicating your time to helping others in your community through non-profits, charities, or service focused businesses. Often this second career provides a better work-life balance through flexible scheduling. If your new career is people-focused, it gives you a great outlet to socialize. And let’s not forget the added income that can supplement your retirement funds. The longer you collect a paycheck, the longer you can extend your savings. It means you don’t have to touch that 401(k) or IRA and you just let that money continue growing.

Give Franchising a Closer Look

Franchising can provide everything on your list. For a stipulated franchise fee, you not only enjoy a new career, but a career as a business owner. You start your business utilizing a proven model and operations that have been market tested. Plus, you will find that most franchises provide ample comprehensive training which means you don’t need to worry about any further education to slow your journey to your encore career. Franchise experts are available to assist with on-going challenges that you may face as a business owner.

When choosing the best franchise ownership options, look for franchises with brand recognition to help build your customer base, look for a niche industry, an industry in-demand and one that is recession-resistant to protect your investment.

Come Fly with Us

At Wild Birds Unlimited we provide all that but would add one more thing. Let your business bring you joy. That’s what we’ve provided for the more than 350 franchise owners throughout North America.

We’ve shown continual growth over 40 years because we have created a niche as a wildlife franchise with high standards providing quality products and services to our customers. As a franchise owner with Wild Birds Unlimited, you become your community’s expert on backyard bird feeding and watching.

You may not realize how popular the wild bird feeding industry is. There are 81 million people who participate in feeding birds and other wildlife with $5 billion spent annually on birdseed and wildlife food, and the hobby is only growing.

If you are ready for your encore career doing something you love that helps your community and gives you great profit potential, inquire today about joining our flock and we’ll get in touch.