Once you’ve made the decision to become a business owner, the to-do list can seem endless, with numerous details and tasks essential for success. That list should include two major items. First, consider franchising versus a start-up business. There are far more advantages to franchising, such as your reduced investment risk due to the utilization of a proven business model with brand recognition. Secondly, whatever industry you choose, it is crucial that you have an online presence. The answer is partnering with an Ecommerce franchise.


Simply stated, Ecommerce (electronic commerce) means buying and selling over the internet, via desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The rapid changes in today’s marketplace means, for 21st century businesses to survive, Ecommerce must be a part of the business model. Afterall, 96 percent of Americans have access to the internet, which makes them all potential customers for your business.

Ecommerce Profitability

This year alone, more than 2 billion people worldwide will buy goods and services digitally, putting Ecommerce at the $5 trillion dollar mark. Online industry was essential during the global pandemic. Businesses not connected to serve customers online during the shut-down had to regroup quickly or suffer economically. COVID-19 outbreaks around the globe pushed consumers online to unprecedented levels because for many, online shopping was their only option to support the businesses to which they’ve grown loyal.

Statistically, during the period of pandemic shut-downs and slow-downs, Ecommerce transactions showed a 77% increase. It would have taken four to six years to reach that number looking at traditional year-over-year increases. Coincidentally, delivery services like UPS experienced a 65 percent increase to residences over the same period.

The convenience of online shopping is perhaps the biggest reason the market has experienced such tremendous growth. Afterall, you can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anytime of the day or night. Just about everything can be purchased through Ecommerce. Consumers have come to rely on online options. In fact, many prefer the increased selection of products available online.

Conversely, Ecommerce means businesses can cast a wider net. Online ordering means a bigger customer base which would have never before been reached for some retailers. Plus, distribution and delivery of the goods are often more efficient and lower in cost. The ability to reach more consumers to increase your bottom line is very appealing for businesses. That’s why there are several examples of the online model to choose from.

Some businesses have the best of both worlds. They maintain their brick-and-mortar store and also appeal to consumers with their online presence. This model allowed many businesses to persevere through the pandemic shut downs and through recessionary periods.

WBU: A Successful and Profitable Ecommerce Franchise

There are many advantages to maintaining both options for your business. Certainly, online shopping provides limited customer service, with the inability to touch an object, or interact with an employee. That’s why at Wild Birds Unlimited, we understand the benefits of both in-person and Ecommerce sales, and we’ve adapted to the market changes to better serve our customers. We launched MyWBU prior to the pandemic, 2017 to be exact, and had a three- to four-year goal of getting all of our system on this platform. Our digital platform gave us sales of about two percent, then came the pandemic and our online retail increased to 20 percent of sales and has remained healthy ever since. Many of our customers enjoy both shopping options. It’s great to browse in our stores and just as convenient to make a purchase online from the comfort of home. Which is why Wild Birds Unlimited has seen a one thousand percent increase in online sales since 2019.

With bird-watching growing in interest  as a recreational hobby, and with advancements like online sales,  Wild Birds Unlimited is appealing to prospective franchisees because it’s the perfect example of running  a successful and profitable Ecommerce franchise. Your investment begins with a $40,000 franchise fee with on-going royalties. The franchise start-up costs vary from store to store but you can expect a range of $185,179 – $311,043. We provide training and on-going support to guide you through your new business ownership experience.

If you are passionate about retail and the hobby of bird feeding, want to serve your community and are committed to following our proven business model which allows franchise stores to make anywhere from $687,51 to $942,543 in gross sales, then come fly with us. Fill out this form for the opportunity to join our flock.