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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the Great Resignation, the mass exodus of employees from their corporate jobs. People want better working environments, more work-life balance and improved mental health through stress reduction.

Although economists say the trend is dissipating, many folks still long to quit their corporate jobs and earn a living doing something they love. For most, 40+ hours are spent working each week. Why not let those hours be dedicated to enjoying life? There’s a wave of changing attitudes toward work and careers as more people seek fulfillment and purpose in their professional lives. If you’re tired of the corporate grind and would rather do something you love, here’s a guide to get you started.

Getting Started on a New Path

Your journey beings with identifying your passion. What do you love doing? What seems like more of a lifestyle then a j-o-b? Once you’ve given that some thought, do your research to determine demand for what you’re offering. Maybe you have something unique to offer or you can create a niche in the market. If you need to hone your skills before you embark on this new career, it’s worth the investment to develop expertise in your chosen field.

Personal Benefits Pursuing Your Passion

Making money from your passion might also mean you can pursue your interests and hobbies, which is important for several reasons:

  • Increased job satisfaction: When you’re doing something you love, work can become more enjoyable and fulfilling. You may find that you’re more motivated and engaged in your work, which can lead to higher job satisfaction.
  • Sense of purpose: Having a fulfilling purpose in life is essential for good mental health. Turning a passion into a business can provide you with a sense of purpose and direction, giving you a reason to get up in the morning and work toward your goals.
  •  Increased self-esteem: Achieving success in a business that’s based on your passion can boost your self-esteem and confidence. You’re likely to feel proud of your accomplishments, which can improve your overall sense of well-being.
  • Increased creativity: Passionate work can also lead to increased creativity. When you work on something you love, you may be more likely to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Greater financial success: While financial success is not guaranteed when you pursue your passions, it is possible. When you do something you love, you may be more willing to put in the effort needed to succeed and may be more likely to find success as a result.

Just our Franchisees

Our franchisee testimonials provide great insight into how these entrepreneurs decided to be part of our flock. Jessica Penfield and her husband, Ken, for instance, opened a Wild Birds Unlimited store in Old Saybrook, Conn., and Jessica has found that doing something you love is very rewarding.

“Owning my own Wild Birds Unlimited store gives me the opportunity to do what I love and to do it every day with customers — new customers, existing customers — and to just share the love I have for the hobby of backyard bird feeding and also to educate people on how to enjoy the hobby of backyard bird feeding.”

Similarly, Dennis McDaniel from Kettering, Ohio, left corporate America to enjoy the freedom of franchise ownership with Wild Birds Unlimited.

“For me that is one of the critical reasons why I’m making this move from corporate America into the Wild Birds Unlimited world. It’s because I want to really experience that joy with our customers. I want to participate with them in that joy. I want to work with happy people who are coming into the store to invest in their hobby.

“What people don’t always realize is that is very much a gift to be able to do that. A lot of us have worked in a corporate job where we don’t have the opportunity to experience that joy or to really be sure that we’re helping people solve a problem that they really wanted to solve.”

Pursue Your Passion with Wild Birds Unlimited

As you consider your business options, think about the benefits of being part of a franchise rather than trying to do something you love and having to build a business alone from scratch. Franchising means you find a brand that aligns with your passions and allows you to utilize a proven model to build profit potential.

That’s been the story for many of our franchise owners at Wild Birds Unlimited. We’re a leading wildlife and retail franchise with a 40-year history of success in more than 350 locations throughout North America. Our growth is due to our owners pursuing their passion and enjoying their lives doing it.

It may be time for you to make the bold move from a corporate job to pursuing your passion. Come join our flock. Inquire today.