Jessica Penfield Transcript

Video Transcript: Jessica Penfield Testimonial

[Description: Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop logo with “Do What You Love” appears and then fades. Storeowner, Jessica Penfield begins to speak.]

[Jessica Penfield:] Hi, my name is Jessica Penfield and my husband Ken and I are going to be open opening a new Wild Birds Unlimited store in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. I began as the customer of Wild Birds Unlimited several years ago and really enjoyed my interaction with the people there at the store. Shortly thereafter, they offered me a part-time position working at the store and I accepted it and have enjoyed it very, very much. My husband and I then decided to proceed with the purchase of our own store and we began the process with the Franchise Development group at Wild Birds Unlimited. During the time that I worked part time at the Wild Birds Unlimited store, I really developed a love for the customer contact and the products, which are exceptional, and decided at that point, that this was a good fit for me, and I knew that I would really enjoy having my own store. Owning my own Wild Birds Unlimited store gives me the opportunity to do what I love and to do it every day with customers: new customers, existing customers, and to just share the love I have for the hobby of backyard bird feeding and also to educate people on how to enjoy the hobby of backyard bird feeding.