Franchise Business Review Video Transcript

Video Transcript: Franchise Business Review

(Description: Video opens with a collage of black/white photographs of business owners, birds on feeders and storefront, then “Wild Birds Unlimited” appears with “FBR” static in the lower right corner.

[Narrator:] This year, Wild Birds Unlimited received a “Franchisee Satisfaction Index Score” of 80, putting them among the best in franchising and on our list of the top 200 franchise opportunities.

(Description: Office shown with computer screen and man walking in.)

[Narrator:] Franchise Business Review is the industry standard in measuring a system’s franchisee satisfaction. Since 2005, we’ve worked with over 1100 brands to measure system strength by independently contacting franchise owners. Our questions focus on the brand’s culture, training and support, and financial opportunity, as well as more personal aspects of the business, like lifestyle and overall enjoyment. On Wild Birds Unlimited’s latest franchisee satisfaction survey, we collected feedback from 249 active franchisees. Based on their scores, Wild Birds Unlimited was recognized as a top franchise for Veterans, for Women, for their Innovation and for the 14th year in a row as one of the top two opportunities in retail. This nature retailer focuses on backyard bird feeding and began franchising in 1981. They’re currently franchising in most states and their startup investment ranges between $170,000 to $280 000. Having worked with Wild Birds Unlimited for over a decade, we can attest to their commitment to their franchisees. My name is Michelle Rowan. I’m the President and COO of Franchise Business Review. If you have any questions about our survey or our methodology, reach out to us at