It’s always easier to be part of a business relating to something you’re passionate about or care deeply for. That’s why those who are pet lovers are drawn to business ventures dealing with animals. If you are thinking about partnering with a franchise built around a love of pets or animals, there’s good news. First, there are many pet-related franchises to choose from. Secondly, it’s become a very lucrative industry.

Globally, the pet care market stands at $232 billion, a $16 billion dollar increase from 2020. Market analysts believe that figure will reach $350 billion by 2027. Here in the United States, the pet industry is at nearly $100 billion. Why? Plain and simple, people love animals. We love the companionship and animals satisfy the human urge to care for things we love. Animals can also be a great form of entertainment, as demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Stuck at home due to pandemic shut downs, we looked for things to do. Spending time with pets and enjoying nature from the convenience of the backyard became popular pastimes. The wild bird feeding industry, for example, saw a sharp rise with the increased interest, with consumer spending now estimated at $5 billion annually in the space.

Unlike other industries that suffered during the pandemic, the pet and bird feeding industries grew at an accelerated rate. Even with increased unemployment figures, and economic recession, people were more than willing to spend money on pets and animal related hobbies, undoubtedly as a form of distraction from pandemic stress. There were increased pet adoptions and more attention paid to existing pets in the home, perhaps as a way to fill the void left by the lack of human interaction. Analysts believe that pet-related franchises will continue to see growth because we see the need for animals to remain in our lives.

Pet-Related Franchises

There is a plethora of animal franchise options out there to suit anyone’s passion for pets. Pet-related franchises cover a wide range of opportunities and come in any size.

There are big box brands serving the needs of animals like fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, cats, and birds. And there are smaller, more specialized franchises that cover an extensive variety of interests like doggy day care, pet grooming, and pet training. You need to find the right fit for your wallet and your passion. For 81 million people across the U.S. and Canada, that passion includes bird feeding.

The demand for pet services and supplies, drives the market, making it a smart investment.  No matter where your interests lie, franchise models are a much safer entrance into the market. Your investment earns the opportunity to work with a proven model and the guidance needed to open and maintain your business. The brand comes with name recognition, training, and support from the franchise and fellow franchisees.

Commonalities and Differences

Although the pet-related franchise industry is vast, there are some common trends. First, pet-related businesses are considered essential services. Which is why during pandemic closures, pet services remained opened for the care and keeping of animals.

Because the pet franchise industry is considered essential, they are also, typically, recession proof. Meaning, even during a period of economic downturn, they are less likely to fail because consumers remain reliant on those services.

Lastly, the pet-related franchises that are thriving are those with an Ecommerce presence. Once again, a by-product of the pandemic, those businesses set up to do online ordering, and curbside pick-up or delivery were strong competitors in the marketplace and will continue to be, as consumers have become very reliant on the convenience. Even in the midst of the pandemic, Wild Birds Unlimited saw widespread success through those challenges thanks to its quick action to offer online and curbside options.

The differences in pet related franchises include size and demand. While consumers did enjoy conveniences, there was something to be said for franchises in a niche market. While pet food and supplies were necessities, those brands recognizing trends and supplying those demands also performed well. Bird feeding, for example, was set for a rise as consumers searched for new hobbies to spend their time at home. WBU was prepared to meet that demand and did so.

Choosing the Franchise

When choosing a pet-related franchise to partner with, be passionate about it. Look at trends, stability, profits, potential growth, and brand recognition. Consider all the possibilities. Strong franchises may satisfy hobbies and create a niche in the marketplace.

That’s what we’ve done at Wild Birds Unlimited. We’ve been around for 40 years and grown to 340 locations in North America, because of our love of nature. Is it a good investment? Listen to our franchisee testimonials, because they best express the opportunity about turning a nature hobby like wild bird feeding and watching into a lucrative business option.

Our model provides both brick and mortar locations and online shopping. We sell bird food, bird feeders, birdhouses, and the list goes on. We remain on the top franchise list for pet related franchises. Our brand continues to grow, making us a strong investment.

We require a $40,000 franchise fee with total investment ranging from $185,179 to $311,043. We guide you through the set-up process and provide a comprehensive training program and on-going support.

If you love nature and are ready for franchise ownership, fill out this form, and join our flock!