We’ve all heard the expression the early bird catches the worm…bird enthusiasts know just how true that statement is. “Birders,” as bird watchers are often called, get up with the sun because that’s when hungry birds look for breakfast after a good night’s sleep. The common sounds of birds chirping and singing, make our feathered friends easy to spot. Whether a serious birder or someone who enjoys watching, feeding, or listening to birds in the backyard, those interested in the hobby are why the wild bird feeding industry is booming.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service says there are actually more than 45 million people who recreationally watch birds around their homes and away from home. Bird enthusiasts along with other wildlife watchers contribute nearly $80 billion to the U.S. economy.

​Bird feeding is so popular because it’s so easy. Most hobbyists first study the birds they see hanging out in their area. The National Audubon Society provides a break-down of birds, where they live and their habits, and even the sounds they make. Birders can identify those birds to graduating into the next level of the hobby – feeding their feathered friends.

Feeding wild birds is a year-round activity enjoyed by an estimated 81 million people in the U.S. and Canada. These enthusiasts have plenty of resources at their fingertips to set up the proper feeding systems, especially Wild Birds Unlimited. This helps to further a growing trend of people connecting with nature, because it’s an easy activity for the entire family to enjoy. Bird feeding is a way to experience nature up close in the convenience of our back yards.

That simple enjoyment is fueling big business. The wild bird feeding industry has shown incredible growth, with an estimated $5 billion spent on bird seed and wildlife food annually. We here at Wild Birds Unlimited have been bringing people and nature together for more than 40 years. We share a passion for birds and knowledge about the hobby of backyard bird feeding.

We have more than 350 stores in North America, and every franchisee has been trained not only in the business side of this industry but also as a resource for customers. We help our customers transform their backyards into a bird feeding habitat that not only brings song, color, and energy to their lives, but also one that benefits the visiting wild birds and the overall ecosystem.

Wild Birds Unlimited franchisees can attest to the fact that the wild bird feeding industry is sustainable and profitable. In 2020, our average gross sales ranged from more than $687,000 for stores open for a full year, to more than $940,000 for top half of stores. Our success is due to the proven business model used for all our franchise locations, along with the hard work of our franchisees. These franchisee testimonials best convey the benefits of being a part of the Wild Birds Unlimited family.

Our franchisees enjoy the brand name recognition that Wild Birds Unlimited has earned being an industry specialist for decades. We have a solid reputation providing training and guidance to franchisees along with on-going operational support. It’s a great way to spread your wings as an entrepreneur, enjoying business ownership with expert support.

If you are a birder or nature lover and want to be a part of bringing joy to others as a Wild Birds Unlimited franchisee, fill out this form and come fly with us.