Brands like Wild Birds Unlimited (WBU) know the secret to success. It’s all about creating a customer-centric culture. And the best way to keep your customers front and center and ensure you’re providing the experiences they expect is pretty simple—just ask them.

This is exactly what WBU does on a daily basis. With its customer experience (CX) management program and partnership with SMG, the specialty retailer is able to gather real-time experience feedback—straight from the source—and use that information to make strategic decisions and improvements across the organization.

WBU understands what it takes to run a successful CX program and takes an active role in its collaboration with SMG. Never one to settle—no matter how high the scores and rankings—WBU is always looking for ways to raise the bar and provide even better experiences to customers.

One example of this quest for excellence is through WBU’s “How did we do?” culture. After an owner or associate has a sales interaction with a customer, they are asked to do an assessment of that experience. It begins with “How did I do with that customer?” and digs deeper into the interaction with questions like “What could I have done better?” or “What worked well?” It’s an opportunity to reflect and brainstorm on ways to improve.

In conjunction with the role-playing exercise, WBU leverages CX tools—such as role-based reporting, text analytics, and benchmarking—to uncover actionable information. Through the smg360® experience management platform, team members throughout all levels of the organization have access to customized analytics to help surface emerging trends down to the location level.

As the industry’s only enterprise-level experience management platform providing software with a service (SwaS), SMG doesn’t just provide WBU access to this robust, end-to-end analytics platform. On top of that, WBU benefits from SMG’s hands-on professional services—including analysis support, insight delivery, and strategic partnership.

With WBU’s commitment to customer experience excellence and SMG’s mission to make the human experience the heart of every business, this has been a perfect partnership from the start. And we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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