One of the big reasons entrepreneurs like the option of franchising over starting a business from scratch is that a franchise provides many benefits. As a franchisee you get a “ready-made” business that includes brand recognition and an established customer base, not to mention the added benefits of training, support and ways to strategically market your business.

The franchisor is the expert. You pay your franchise fees for their expertise and guidance. A franchisee has an entire network of professionals and fellow franchisees to lean on and to help solve problems. Which means, if you are thinking about becoming a franchisee but lack marketing experience, rest assured, reputable franchises equip you with the know-how to get up and running and grow your business.

What Kind of Support to Look For

But be advised, not all franchises provide the same level of support. It’s important to do your due diligence and thoroughly research brands you are considering partnering with. Be sure you are getting the most for your money. Before signing a contract or franchise agreement, know what is expected and what is provided. Remembering that it is in the franchisor’s best interest to give you the most support they can for your success.

That’s why, for example, franchisors spend thousands of dollars every year to advertise the brand. Franchise marketing support is essential to your success as a franchisee. It allows your new customers to know about you. You will reap the benefits of that advertising, so as a franchisee you will pay a monthly marketing fee. Franchise marketing fees are usually based on your monthly revenue. The marketing fee is normally calculated as a percentage of your gross sales on a monthly basis. The value of a marketing fee varies from one brand to another but tends to range from one to four percent. It’s money well spent if the franchisor is doing a good job.

The first test of effective marketing will be on your opening day. The brand should present and carry out a full marketing plan which will include grand opening promotion, promotional materials and target marketing in your local area to your prospective customers. This is most likely the same “roll-out” they use for all their franchise locations, which means it’s been effectively tested and tweaked.

Most franchisors initiate marketing and advertising, either on a national or local level, or both. These initiatives can be in the form of TV and radio commercials, direct mail campaigns, social media, and PR and media relations efforts. You are locked into the company policies and any marketing you want to do on your own, outside the approved parameters may need advanced consent.

As mentioned, you need to have a clear understanding of the support you are receiving from the franchisor prior to signing your contract. It is also important to speak to other franchisees in the network, to glean their viewpoint about the effectiveness of franchise support especially when it comes to marketing.

Franchise Marketing Support at Wild Birds Unlimited

At Wild Birds Unlimited, franchise marketing support is one of the benefits of franchising. Wild Birds Unlimited is a leader in the wild bird feeding industry. With more than 350 locations, franchise owners get to share the joy of bird-feeding with their community while enjoying a thriving business. We’ve been franchising for more than 40 years and we know what works. We want our franchisees to have success, so we have set them up with top-notch training and support from industry leaders.

Our marketing support is designed to help you attract new customers and create loyalty among existing customers. Our franchisees pay continuing support fees like the one percent of gross sales to share in the corporate advertising fund. This gives you access to the annual marketing plan that integrates direct mail, email marketing, an online presence, educational outreach, public relations, and other advertising, resulting in a comprehensive strategy. We will guide you through the process of building a marketing budget that maximizes the resources within your local market, including your launch and grand opening plan.

If you are interested in being part of an effective brand providing invaluable training and support,  fill out this form, join our flock and come fly with us.