Franchise Opportunity, Feeding the Birds, Wild Birds UnlimitedIt’s a People (and Bird) Business

Our franchisees say that interacting with customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a Wild Birds Unlimited store. You make a difference in your customers’ lives by helping connect them with birds and nature.

Customers tell us that they come back time and again because they value the relationship as much as the expert hobby knowledge and top-quality products. You can’t buy that type of loyalty.


WBU Classic Feeder, Wild Birds Unlimited, Franchise Opportunity

Products Designed by Experts

We understand that folks have options when purchasing bird feeders and other hobby products. They shop Wild Birds Unlimited because our products are designed by experts to meet the needs of the birds and to be enjoyable for the people who use them.

In 1990 Jim Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, set out to create the perfect bird feeder. Jim used his many years of observing bird behavior and his understanding of how people feed the birds to design the WBU Classic Feeder.

We continue to use that same level of expert knowledge in designing a wide range of WBU-branded products. As a franchise store owner, you can be confident that you offer the highest-quality bird feeding supplies on the market.


Helping a Customer with a Hopper Feeder, Franchise Opportunity, Wild Birds UnlimitedTrusted Local Advice

A common theme among our franchisees is their interest and love of birds and nature. You and your staff will serve the community by providing the best local advice on how to enjoy the hobby, which differentiates you from big-box stores and other competitors.

Make a difference in customers’ lives, put a smile on their faces and take care of the birds and nature – who could ask for anything more?


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Audubon, Bird Studies Canada, Wild Birds Unlimited Partnerships, Franchise OpportunityOur Partners in Nature

We have developed partnerships with organizations that support our core mission of bringing people and nature together.

These partnerships offer people the opportunity to learn more about wild birds, and to actively participate in conservation efforts and citizen-science projects.