Traci Kilman Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Traci Kilman Testimonial

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo appears with “Make the Wise Decision, Join WBU Now!” beneath the logo, then both fade. Traci appears on screen and “Traci Kilman – Conroe, TX” appears in lower left corner with WBU logo, then fades.)

[Traci:] I’m Traci Kilman and my husband Dwayne and I just bought the Wild Birds Unlimited store in Conroe, Texas. We had been customers for years at the store. I was one of those customers you had to kick me out. It was just such a fun and great place to be.

The franchise really guides you through a very structured system that they’ve put in place to help you do all of your due diligence and your research on, “Is this really right for you?” You know, we went through the whole process which is just a perfect process and it really made you do a lot of thinking and research to make sure that you were making a wise investment and a wise decision for yourself.

But, once I did all of that and knew, “Yes this is a wise decision” and you know, heard from so many owners about how supportive and great the franchise is and how well they are supportive and helpful to you, you know, you’ve done all your due diligence, you know it’s a wise choice. Then, “Is my passion there?” My passion was definitely there! It’s a hobby I love. It’s what I love. It’s a store environment that I already knew and loved, so everything just fell into place. Once we made the decision that this is it, there was no way you could convince us that there was anything else out there any better for us.