We are excited to announce that Danielle and Mark Motley have successfully purchased the Columbia, SC store from Jim and Jackie Kelly!  Mark and Danielle Motley currently own the Mount Pleasant, SC WBU store.  Danielle had worked in both the Mount Pleasant and Charleston SC WBU stores and then in 2011, Danielle and Mark purchased that store from then current owner, Chris Wood.  At first, Danielle managed the store herself while Mark continued his position working for Publix.  Mark came into the business fairly quickly and you may all know that they have done an amazing job.  Danielle has been a leader in Social Media for our system and they have grown the store significantly over the years. Mark Motley is now a member of the FAC (Atl/SE Rep).  Danielle said, “Expanding with WBU has been a goal of ours for many years! Our first store has fulfilled us in more ways than we could have possibly imagined and to have the opportunity to repeat the experience in a new location just feels like a dream come true! Multi store ownership is a huge step in our journey and we’re excited to finally be taking it on!”  We could not be more excited for Danielle and Mark and for the Columbia, SC store!  They will bring a lot of new energy, focus and “JOY” to the market!  Congrats, Mark and Danielle!  So happy to see this sweet family continue to grow with WBU!