Lori Schubring Testimonial Transcript

Video Transcript: Lori Schubring Testimonial

(Description: Wild Birds Unlimited logo and “Lori Schubring – Wausau, WI” appears in lower left of screen. Lori appears then speaks.)

[Lori:] The qualities that I bring to the table that allow this business to thrive are the entrepreneurial spirit. I like trying new things, but there is, for me anyway, there is nothing else that I’m passionate about as much as I am nature and wildlife and birds. It’s a natural fit. I also like diversity. I get bored really easy and that doesn’t happen with this job. It’s wonderful, and honestly, I don’t look at it as a job. When I come in every day, and it’s been almost six years, I still have that glow when I’m driving to work in the morning. Who am I going to see today? What stories am I going to hear? What bird pictures am I going to see and then on the back end of it, I still get to dabble in the accounting part of it. I get to work on the marketing part of it, so the business overall keeps me busy because I get bored so easy.